Ever Wonder What People Looked Like 700 Years Ago? Science Has The Answer

Have you seen this man? You might think so, but I'm willing to bet you're wrong.

Scientists in the UK have reconstructed the face of a man believed to be from the 13th century. They found his complete skeleton when they excavated a graveyard in 2012. Carbon dating put the bones at over 700 years old.

Putting a face to the bones wasn't just a fun art project. Full analysis of skeletons can tell a lot about the lives of everyday citizens who lived in this point of history. Little is known about the poor because so much time was devoted to chronicling the history of the wealthy, especially royalty.


For instance, this skeleton had wear and tear consistent with a trades-type job. It would have been very physical and arduous. The bones also indicate a diet high in meat, which historians know was expensive. That means this man must have had a job that paid well enough to purchase live stock or cuts of meat.

"We can't say what job specifically he did, but he was a working class person," said John Robb, one of the scientists who worked with the skeleton.

Additionally the skeleton's teeth twice stopped producing enamel. That's consistent with severe illness or starvation. At one point he sustained a serious injury to the back of his head. This might have left him unable to work.

The team believes he died homeless near the age of 40 since he was buried in the grounds of the Hospital of St John the Evangelist.

Tech Times

It was a hard life, but it's no less interesting than the lush life lived by royals, and thanks to his man we're closer to understanding it.