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Every Dog Owner Is Going To Want One Of These 'Robotic Pet Sitters'

Have you ever been away from home and wished you could still be playing with your dog? You know they must miss you, but it isn't exactly like you could call them and see how they are doing. Well, Pebby will let you play with your dog no matter where you are and it is actually just amazing.

It looks simple enough, just a ball, but it's so much more than what it appears. Pebby is one of those things that every dog owner has been wishing for but didn't know it would ever come true.They are calling it the 'most advanced robotic pet sitter' and it is pretty awesome.  

So what is Pebby? It's this super tough and strong polymer ball that is built with a remote control inside that attaches to your smart phone. You can control it from anywhere and roll it around the house so your dog has some company while you're out.

Maybe the best part about it is that there is a camera inside so you can watch your dog's reaction to this weird little robot ball while you share their expressions on social media.

You can even talk to them with two-way audio and with the extra activity tracker you can see how much exercise your dog has been getting.

It's got a wireless charger and if you are more of a cat person, there is even a pet-friendly laser they can chase! I've seen a few interactive pet games before, but nothing quite as cool as this one!

The Kickstarter was originally asking for $50,000 but they smashed that goal and unded up at over $500,000!

You can preorder them now, and start playing with your pet soon! They are hoping to start shipping them in November 2017 so you can spend Christmas playing with your pets no matter where you have to go!

Do you want one? I know I do!