This Is What Everyone Gets Wrong About The Taurus Zodiac

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This Is What Everyone Gets Wrong About The Taurus Zodiac

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Everyone has a Taurus in their lives, even if you didn't know right away. We stand out for our calm demeanor, stability in relationships, and practical approach to problem-solving.

You'll often find us popping up when you are facing hardship in your own life, as our ability to detect instability in others prompts us to offer a helping hand.

It's true that we are loyal to a fault, and are quick to sacrifice our own happiness to bend over backwards and give the ones that we love what they want.

The embodiment as a bull makes a lot of sense, since we stand firm in the face of adversity, yet soften to those that we trust. Some Taurus's you would recognize are John Cena, Adele, and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

However, there's a lot that people have come to expect from this supposedly "stubborn" zodiac, but much of it is misunderstood.

Here's what you keep getting wrong about us, no bull.

Our Stubbornness

Sure, we can be a little hard to deal with when it comes to making shared decisions. But while we like having a set routine that we follow, we can still be very spontaneous if asked to try something new.

We're Too Blunt

Maybe I shouldn't have criticized how dinner tasted last night, but really we just want to be genuine with the people we love instead of lying, even if it's easier.


Yeah, we'll be there for you when you really need it, and we'll forgive you for hurting us. And the next time, and again, and so on. We may appear unbreakable, but there is a lot of emotional turmoil that comes from putting ourselves on the line time after time.

Real Romantic

This might come as a surprise to most people, but even though we seem very down-to-earth, every Taurus has a secret side that idealizes love and romance.

Instead of playing it cool around us, make a grand gesture of love and we'll melt, for better or worse.

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