Everyone Laughed When A Farmer Takes The Stage, But Then He Blows The Lid Off The Place

The X Factor UK - Youtube

Most everyone today has heard of the show "The X Factor," and has heard of the heavy criticism remarks to the contestants from Simon Cowell, one of the judges on the show. It seems like every time someone takes the stage that people find funny and laughs at, they are quickly silenced when the person on stage opens their mouth and begins to sing. Jacqueline Faye, a fifty-three-year-old farmer from Oxfordshire, England introduced herself and the crowd immediately judged her along with the judges, all except for one, Robbie Williams.

Maybe he found interest in her because she commented that he was her favorite judge. He was the only one who seemed to listen to the farmer without being judgemental toward her. She told everyone, "He's not just an entertainer, he's an icon. He's the kind of guy I'd like in my family." As many times as this has happened on the show, one would think it would have been different this time, but it wasn't.

As she fully went on to introduce herself, she told of how she lived on a farm with her husband and the many animals they had. The audience can no longer hold back their laughter when she went on to speak about her peacocks, Dave and Chaz and how they were her biggest fans. She even dedicated her performance to them and that's when the audience lost it.

Even though she was not very well received by the judges are the audience she took charge of the stage like a superstar. the song that she chose to sing was Cilla Blacks "You're My World." And like the old saying goes, "Don't ever judge a book by its cover," the audience realized they were wrong about Jacqueline. It was like she had 53 years of talent all bottled up inside and exposed at that one moment. She received multiple applause and a standing ovation as she was the real deal on stage. Even Simon Cowell praised her for her performance by saying, "As you walked out I'm kind of thinking to myself [that] maybe you've walked on to the wrong show by mistake. And I'm thinking this isn't going to be great... and then you were."

Louis Tomlinson gave her these kind words, "For me, stories like this-this is exactly what this show should be all about "“ someone your age standing up there and having a real moment like that."

It is no doubt that Jacqueline Faye will go a good distance in this show with the talent that she showed up on that stage. She has definitely silenced the audience and shut up the critics, and maybe one day the people in the world will not be so judgmental upon the looks of a person, or how they talk, or their background, but rather the voice and talent that they possess. I am sure that her husband has given her a standing ovation at home and is very proud of his wife. I am also sure that are peacocks so proud of her as well.