Everyone Watches in Horror as Underwater Magic Trick Takes a Dangerous Turn [Video]

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Do you love magic? Whether you grew up watching Houdini's tricks and wondered how he managed them or have a Penn and Teller show on your bucket list, you will want to see this impressive trick by street performer David Blaine.

Bound by 150 pounds of chains and handcuffs, the 33-year-old Brooklyn-born magician attempted an underwater adventure that would leave him breathless.

Blaine had been submerged for 7 days in a spherical aquarium filled with 2,000 gallons of water in front of the Lincoln Center in New York City.

Equipped with diving gear and oxygen, he relied on his training with navy seals and doing breathing exercises in the ocean to get him through his week under water.

To celebrate his last day of being "drowned live", Blaine attempted to hold his breath under water in an attempt to beat German free-diver Tom Sieta's record of 8 minutes 58 seconds.

That's when things went terribly wrong.

He took his last breath of air in front of the huge crowd in New York.

5 minutes into the act, he began working to free himself from the handcuffs and chains.

"At 5 minutes, everything changes. I'm aware of my body again and now the battles has begun," Blaine said.

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