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Expert Tests Have Been Done And You Can Now Stop Your Hangover Before It's Started


Hangovers absolutely suck, this is something everyone can agree on. We never really let the fear of a hangover stop us from drinking, but there are ways to prevent them or even make them a little less painful. Here's a list of expert-tested things you can do to prevent a hangover before it starts:

Before drinking

1. Eat!

No one wants to look bloated while they're out so we usually opt for a small meal before we drink. What you should actually be doing is having a a large meal that contains carbs, protein and fat before you drink. This will help you metabolize alcohol better when you drink, and prevent a hangover.

2. Rest

While sleep won't save you from a hangover, it will improve your immunity and get your body ready to handle a night of heavy drinking.

3. Take vitamins

Taking multivitamins before drinking can help prevent inflammation and oxidative stress. The antioxidants in vitamins help minimize the damage.

While drinking

1. Skip the smoking

Even if you're not usually a smoker, many people tend to enjoy a smoke or two when they are drinking. If you want to avoid a hangover, skip the smokes. Researchers found that when people drink heavily, smoking significantly increased the risk and severity of a hangover.

2. Don't drink soda

If you're having mixed drinks, try switching from a soda mixer to a juice. Fruit and vegetable juices contain extra vitamins, they're always better for you than soda

3. Gatorade

Between every few drinks try drinking a Gatorade or other sports drinks. They replace your fluids and electrolytes, the nutrients you lose when you drink. This method will also work if you drinks sips of it throughout the night.  

4. Skip Champagne

The bubbles in sparkling wine may accelerate the absorption of alcohol so you get drunker faster. The problem is that this produces an especially bad hangover.

5. Don't stop dancing

If you're dancing constantly and try to take a sip of your drink it will most likely splash in your face. So therefore, if you're dancing you'll be more likely to drink less.

6. Spending more could save you

The top-shelf alcohol is filtered the most to remove impurities and toxins, which can make your hangover less severe.

Before you go to sleep

1. Don't drink too much water

Drinking water by the gallon can put undue stress on your body. And frequent bathroom runs can mess with your sleep. So after a night of heavy drinking, drink a glass of water, and leave a full glass on your bed stand for the dry mouth you'll have in the morning.

2. Have an Advil

Anti-inflammatory drugs (anything that contains ibuprofen) directly attacks the inflammation that alcohol causes. Always avoid painkillers that contain acetaminophen though, you can damage your liver and kidneys if you take them with alcohol.

These tips won't guarantee a hangover-free next day, but they could definitely make a huge difference. If you still wake up with a hangover the next day see: 8 Hangover Remedies To Actually Make You Feel Human Again, for next-day hangover remedies.