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Experts Predict "Worst Case Scenario" For Florida When Irma Makes Landfall

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After devastating the Caribbean, Hurricane Irma looks prepared to do serious damage to Florida.

The hurricane, which is already the strongest storm ever recorded in the Atlantic, is currently a Category 4, with winds reaching up to 185 miles per hour. While that's technically a downgrade from Category 5 conditions earlier this week, Florida residents are being told to expect the worst.

Already, Irma has done serious damage in the Caribbean. The island of Barbuda is in ruins, with 95% of the island's buildings destroyed according to its Prime Minister Gaston Browne. Hundreds of thousands of U.S. citizens are without power on Puerto Rico, where it could be months before electricity is restored.

Florida's Governor Rick Scott warned the state's residents on Thursday that "regardless of which (Florida) coast you live on, be prepared to evacuate." Already mandatory evacuations are in place for the counties surrounding Miami and the Florida Keys, as well as Georgia's Atlantic coast.

But gridlock and gas shortages have delayed evacuations, and Florida airports will begin to suspend flights this Saturday, before Irma's expected landfall on Sunday morning. The latest projections show Irma is expected to pass directly over the Florida peninsula.

But what does that mean for people in Irma's path?

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