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An Exploding Coconut Is The Latest Strange Thing Left In A Coffin Meant For Cremation

One of the biggest questions that just about everybody has to face at some point is this: what exactly do you want done with your body once you pass on?

The Independent

It's a question with plenty of feasible answers, and the reasoning behind just about any of them is equally valid. Do you want a religious ceremony in the place of worship of your choice, with a solemn burial to accompany it? Maybe you want to donate your organs to those who need them most first? Or maybe your wish is to be dressed up like Elvis in Blue Hawaii and shot out of a canon into a volcano? We're not here to judge.


A very popular method of body disposal is cremation, as it means your burial is much easier (or even preservation should you want to be kept in a ceramic jar), and your ashes can be scattered at a place of your choosing should you want (although you're technically not REALLY allowed to do that anymore).


However, one thing that people often forget about cremation is that, well, your coffin-housed body has to go into an incinerator. Why is this a problem you might ask? Well, it turns out that some people like sending off their loved ones with items that really, really shouldn't get put into an incinerator...

Bolton Council in Bolton, Manchester, England, have advised people to stop putting things in the coffins of loved ones meant for cremation. This comes on the heels of an incident where a coconut (yes, that's right, a coconut) was left in a coffin, resulting in what crematorium staff referred to as "a hell of an explosion."

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As it turns out, a lot of things that are commonly left in a person's casket can result in some pretty dangerous and scary emissions or explosions when put into a crematorium, and staff are asking that people please refrain from doing so. According to a statement given to the BBC:

"We have seen a rise in things like e-cigarettes, bottles of whisky and vodka, golf balls, sometimes golf clubs, and mobile phones. Mobile phones in particular are a real issue for us".

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"Usually the funeral director will pick them up but sometimes things are slid inside peoples' pockets and they are just not picked up during the process, then when they go through the cremation process a hell of an explosion can sometimes occur."

What would you want to be buried with?