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Guy's Proposal Technique Would Have Had Most Women Fuming, Does He Know Something We Don't?

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Daily Mail

How much would you put up with in the name of love? Obviously, this man's fiancée has the patience of a saint, because she was able to weather his practical jokes and antics throughout one very emotional evening.

It turns out, Jordan Halland was planning on proposing to his girlfriend, Summer, but found out she had caught wind of the plans. So he decided to give her the runaround and try and shake off any suspicion.

And it was quite the performance!

It starts out with him setting up a camera at his house, before taking his girlfriend out to eat. Once she is ready to go, he kneels down in front of her, says "I wanted to do this later but I think I should just do it now," and then.....ties his shoe.

Okay, she was a little miffed, but they laugh it off and head out for their dinner.

They get to their favorite restaurant and before their food gets to the table, he stands up and makes an announcement to the whole dining room.

"Excuse me," he says. "On our first date, we came here because we love sushi." But then.... "And we still love sushi. Thank you."

Oh dear! I couldn't imagine holding out much longer. But this devious guy had one more trick up his sleeve...

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