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Guy's Proposal Technique Would Have Had Most Women Fuming, Does He Know Something We Don't?

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Daily Mail

How could you possibly top a public almost-engagement? Jordan found a way.

They leave the restaurant and go to get a cup of coffee, but unfortunately Java, the cafe, was closed. Taking a detour through the park, they come across a band playing their favorite song. It was magical, with the streetlamps lit, the autumn leaves on the ground, they leaned in together, and kissed in the sight of all this beauty.

Then he pulls away and says those 5 magical words. "I'm bummed Java was closed," before leading her away.

At this point, he's lucky she didn't just keep on walking. But sure enough, he takes her to the waterfront, a spot neither of them had been before, and realizes that this is now or never.

"I wanted it to be special," he says. "But this is a special spot, because this is where I ask you to be my wife."

And what did she say?

The word she had been waiting to say all evening, "Yes!"

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