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Family Makes Startling Discovery - Be On The Lookout This Spring

A Washington state couple had been waiting to pick their kids up from school, when they noticed something out of the corner of their eyes.

To their utter surprise a mother short-tailed weasel got spooked and darted out from beneath their car with a single baby in her mouth. The curious couple decided to turn of their car and peek under the hood.

To their utter amazement, they found four more tiny weasel kits curled up in the engine.

The caring family contacted Squirrel Refuge, who took in the babies and transferred them to A Soft Place To Land.

Jasmine Fletcher Glaze tells The Dodo that the babies were only a couple o fweeks old and only weight about 10 grams!

Although many people view weasels as pests, Glaze says "they're actually very sweet animals who are beneficial to have around."

When the babies are raised and ready to be released, the family who rescued them have requested that they be released back onto their property where they were born!

Weasel Kits Playing 😍

Posted by A Soft Place To Land on Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Glaze encourages everyone to check their vehicles regularly. If you spot a litter of babies, gently remove them and place them in a box near the car. You can also call your local wildlife facility for more directions.

To learn more about their work, visit A Soft Place To Land online.

[h/t The Dodo]