Family Outraged When They Neighbors Attack Their Cat

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Family Outraged When They Neighbors Attack Their Cat

When Kevin Trewern and his family let their cat back in the house they were confused by what they saw. Once they figured out what had happened they became outraged.

Kevin came home one evening and found his beloved cat Jasper hiding on top of the kitchen cabinets. While that isn't unusual behavior for some cats, it was weird for Jasper.

"By the time I got back in it was as if his whole personality had changed," he said, ""He was hiding high up in the kitchen and when we got him back down he had a yellowy-colored stub on the back of his neck."

There was a circle between his two shoulder blades that wasn't there when he left and Kevin believes that when Jasper went out to explore the neighborhood he probably ended up in someone's garden.

He is new to the family, and Kevin feels awful. "The wound on his neck certainly looks deliberate and even if you don't like cats why would you do that?"

Kevin believes that it was a warning from an angry neighbor but is disgusted that that would happen. He says ""I can only think someone did it to try and warn him off but he's such a friendly cat and it's not fair to treat defenseless animals in this way."

How would you feel if this happened to your cat? How can someone be so cruel?