These Kids Are Helping Others Around The World Fight Back Against Bullying

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The anti-bullying movement has been well enforced for the last several years. The days of being forced to endure constant harassment, violence and ridicule are still present, but they are far less severe then they were when we were in school.

I remember coming home from school after being bullied day after day, and having my dad tell me to step up and be a man about it. I didn't find that advice all that helpful at the time, but in the end it served its purpose and I learned to stand up for myself quite well. It isn't always that simple, and a lot of kids find themselves in severely depressive states knowing that bullying is likely to continue daily, and they don't feel like they have anyone standing in their corner.

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A family in Vaughn, Canada has decided that although they can't solve the problem of bullying outright, they can at least ensure that every child (under the age of 12) can have a great birthday without feeling alone.

"The Friend Send" project was started by Jessica Cohn, and her two twin children. The aim is to make sure that kids under 12 who are being bullied, are dealing with some tough life situations, or simply feel like no one is there, get something to lift their spirits on their birthdays.

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