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10 Kids Who Look Like An Exact Copy Of Their Celebrity Parents

There are some celebrity parents whose kids don't look similar to them at all. For example, Sofia Vergara and her son, Manolo, would never be thought to be from the same family.

However, there are some famous celebrities whose kids look almost identical to them, and we can be sure that the legacy of their appearance will last for at least another generation.

For example, Cindy Crawford recently shared a school photo of her daughter, Kaia Gerber, beside her own when Cindy was the same age.

If Cindy didn't point out that's her daughter, we could have never guessed it was a different person!

Kaia Gerber (left) and Cindy Crawford (right) at the age of 16.People Style

This mother-daughter duo is more similar than you'd think.

"[Our look] is almost the least reason we're alike," Kaia said. "That's what people see because they don't know us, but we react to situations the same way. I think we're always really strict on time."

Check out these next 10 celebrity son or daughter who look way too similar to their famous parent.

The apple sure doesn't fall far from the tree!

10. Colin Hanks (left) and Tom Hanks (right)

This father-son duo are both 30-years-old in the pictures below. The only big difference is the size of their nose!

9. Georgia May Jagger (left) and Mick Jagger (right)

This father-daughter duo are only 25-years-old in each photo. If you turned young Mick Jagger into a girl, he would look exactly like his daughter.

8. Sean Lennon (left) and John Lennon (right)

Unfortunately, Beatles legend John Lennon didn't get a chance to see his son reach his 30s, but if he was alive he would have been astonished by how similar their facial features are. Interestingly, Lennon's other son, Julian, looks nothing like him.

7. Ava Elizabeth Philippe (left) and Reese Witherspoon (right)

Once Reese Witherspoon's daughter reached her teenage years, the whole world took notice. At only 18-years-old, Ava Elizabeth Philippe looks nearly identical to her mother, who was also 18-years-old in the image below.

6. Scott Eastwood (left) and Clint Eastwood (right)

Famous Western actor Clint Eastwood has 7 children, but his son, Scott, looks the most like him. In the images below, both actors are in their 30s.

5. Chris Pine (left) and Robert Pine (right)

This father-son duo may look nothing alike now, but Robert's younger photos look nearly identical to his son's.

4. Ziggy Marley (left) and Bob Marley (right)

Both at the age of 35-years-old in the images below, no one can deny that Ziggy and Bob Marley are related. They look like brothers!

3. Jaden Smith (left) and Will Smith (right)

I'm seeing double, how about you?

2. Maya Rudolph (left) and Minnie Riperton (right)

The "Loving You" singer is much darker in many of her other photos, but she looks nearly identical to her daughter when her skin is lightened.

1. North West (left) and Kanye West (right)

Although North West is only 4-years-old, she already looks so similar to her father. Her skin is lighter, but there's no doubt she's inherited more of her father's features than her mother's.

What other child do you think looks almost identical to their celebrity parent?

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