Fan Favorite Oreos Are Making Their Way Back To Shelves, But There's A Catch

Oreo cookies, though controversial, are extremely delicious. Invented in 1912, the chocolate-creme sandwich cookie is a staple cookie to dunk in a nice cold class of milk.

But if you're tired of the classic Oreo flavor, boy are you in luck. There have been countless flavors. Let's look at some of the popular ones, shall we?

But there's one flavor that was so undeniably popular, Nabisco has decided to bring the limited edition Oreo out of retirement.


That's right, the blue and gold delicious sandwich cookies could be hitting shelves again near you. They were originally released on June 2016, and will be making a come back this summer.

Here's the catch, though: these Oreos will only be carried through Supervalu chains such as Cub Foods, Shop 'n Save, Hornbacher's, and Farm Fresh. This means that only certain states will have access to those Blueberry Pie Oreos. States such as: North Dakota, Virginia, and Illinois.

Whoever gets access to these artificially dyed cookies, let's hope it doesn't end as poorly as the Peeps Pink Poop crisis of Easter 2017.

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