Fans Love Her Travel Photos, But Look Closer And You'll Notice The Hidden Mistakes

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Travel blogger Amelia Liana has made a career for herself doing what we all dream about: traveling the world and taking glamorous photos.

The Instagram star has more than 450,000 fans on social media, but recently the 26-year-old model's photos have become the focus of an online controversy that could sink her career before it really starts.

Liana has traveled around to world to glamorous location including New York City, Florence, Italy and Agra, India, taking snapshots along the way. But eagle-eyed fans have noticed some irregularities in her pictures.

The picture that has attracted the most attention is a shot supposedly taken from the top of the Rockefeller Center building. See if you can spot what's strange about the photo, which was supposedly taken just a few months ago:

Liana has taken this photo off her Instagram account after receiving complaints.amelialiana / Instagram

For one thing, there's no view of the Freedom Tower, the tallest building in America, which was built years ago.

Plus, a close-up of the model's hand reveals some dodgy Photoshop. Instead of being reflected, the photo seems the show the back of her arm.

But this photo of the Taj Mahal has raised even more eyebrows. The shot has 4 glaring errors. Can you see them all?

Here's a hint: look at her shadow...amelialiana / Instagram

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