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Father Punishes His Son For Bullying Other Kids In A Bizarre Way And It's Sparking A Lot Of Controversy

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Daily Mail

When your teacher punishes you, it's bad. When your parents punish you, it's the worst.

My children have been relentlessly bullied for years, but it feels like there's not much I can do as a parent. Teachers try to facilitate a safe learning environment, but children will always find a way to poke fun at their peers.

The consequences don't seem to be a big deal to most of them, and I think that's because they're enforced by teachers. Now, if parents are the ones punishing their children for bullying, I think their attitude will definitely start to change.

One father from Virginia took matters in his own hands after finding out his 10-year-old son was bullying children on the school bus.

He stressed that parents must take initiative when they know their kids are bullies, because that's how we can prevent serious school issues from happening, like school shootings.

He posted a video of his punishment on social media, and people have strong opinions over his parenting tactics...

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