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Father Ignores The Cops And Trusts His Instinct By Hiring A Helicopter To Find His Trapped Son

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A father's instinct has led to the rescue of his son after a car crash nearly ended in tragedy. Tony Lethbridge was worried because it had been 24 hours since he heard from his son.

After many unanswered phone calls, Lethbridge and his wife went for a drive to see if they could find 17-year-old Samuel, but saw no sign of him. "We got back into Newcastle about 1:30 am [Monday morning] and went straight to the police station," Lethbridge said. "They told us that he might have ran away, he could have done this or he could have done that and we just said, 'It's out of character; it's not him.'"


The police told the couple to go home and wait while they started their search, but Lethbridge couldn't get it over the feeling that something had gone wrong. "I just couldn't get it out of my head that he'd crashed somewhere."

The last thing he knew was that his son was supposed to be heading to his girlfriend's house, but he never showed up. It was while thinking about the routes he would have taken that he remembered an accident that had taken place a few years ago where a person went missing for five days before anyone found the vehicle.

"And he'd passed away," Lethbridge said. "That was in my head, so I just thought bugger this I'm not going to sit around and wait. "With the way the bush is there, if a car goes in you're not going to see it. The only way you'll see it is from the air. And that's what we did."

The concerned father wasn't going to sit around and wait, he took matters into his own hands and headed to the airport.

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