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7 Father's Day Gifts That Are Guaranteed Winners

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As Father's Day approaches, we should be thinking about that perfect gift for dear old Dad. It can't be something run of the mill, like another tie.

Don't worry, though. We've got some items that are sure to please all dads on Father's Day!

1. BBQ Board

Dad's love grilling, so why not get them an outdoor cutting board where they can prep their meat? (Get it here)

Or if you prefer:

(Get it here)

2. Mouse Pad

My dad's current mouse pad is a stack of old cable bills, so this is perfect for him (Get it here.)

Or if he's more of a zombie guy (Get it here):

3. Door Mat

This is perfect for a workshop or garage! It's definitely true in my family (Get it here.)

And again, for those zombie lovers (Get it here):

4. Phone Case

Literally the other day my dad mentioned to me that he might just "fashion a phone case out of duct tape instead of paying those absurd prices." I would be willing to be he's not the only one (Get it here.)

And if you think he'd like something a little more subtle...(Get it here)

5. Towel

There is not a dad in this world who would not love a day on the beach, drinking beer, and not having to do any work. This beach towel will keep him dry, relaxed, and reminded of his epic dad status (Get it here)

Or maybe he wants the world to know how much he loves pizza (Get it here).

6. Mug

My dad lives off coffee, and he can always use another mug (Get it here.)

Or if your dad prefers more beverages of the alcoholic persuasion...(Get it here)

7. Shirt

And of course, you can never go wrong with giving a man his crown (get it here.)

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