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A Father's Dying Wish For His Daughters Turns Into Reality

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A father plays a pivotal role in his daughter's marriage. Walking his daughter down the aisle is a sign of acceptance and love.

U.S. Army veteran Willie Shelton had one last wish after he was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

His wife, Cheryl Shelton, remembered her husband's wish: "I want to see my girls grow up, I want to walk them down the aisle."

However, Willie has seven daughters, and he knew he would never have the chance to walk each one of them down the aisle to their husband.  

Although one of Willie's daughters, Emily Flinn, was already married, he asked Emily to renew her vows.

With the help of the hospice team at Willie's hospital, a photographer, and a local hair studio, Willie's wish turned into more than he asked for in only three days.

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