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Father's Last Act As A Judge Before Dying Keeps His Promise To His Daughter

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In 2011, Judge Paul Kapalko was diagnosed with carcinoid, a cancer that can take years to detect. Kapalko was given just 4 years to live, but he stuck around for a lot longer and made sure to follow through on a promise for his eldest daughter.

Kapalko's daughters say he really had two loves outside of his work: the New York Yankees and crossword puzzles. He also secretly loved singing karaoke. His go-to artists, according to his kids, were Frank Sinatra and The Eagles.

When Kapalko was diagnosed, his daughter Christina, 23, would made sure to bring him a daily crossword in the hospital and keep him up to date on his Yankees. Casey, 27, would debate him in politics and play cards with him.

Casey Kapalko (left) with her sister Christina22 Words

In 2016, Casey became engaged to her partner, Stephanie, and Paul immediately offered to officiate the wedding. He had already fought for more years than doctors expected, so making this promise felt like a perfect idea.

“He was always well-spoken, so thoughtful in his words,” Casey told the Asbury Park Press. “We both wanted him to do it.”

Casey and her partner Stephanie22 Words

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