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Feeling Tired? Find Your "Sleep Animal" With This Quiz And Get A Good Night's Rest

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Everyone knows you should let sleeping dogs lie, but how about bears and dolphins? It turns out science has a lot to say about whether you're a light sleeper, an early riser or a night owl, and one expert says your "sleep animal" can reveal your optimal daily routine.

Dr. Michael Breus is a psychologist and a sleep expert. In his book The Power of When, he explains how chronotypes - biological sleep patterns - affect everything from your creativity to your diet.

He promises that if you understand your animal chronotype you can lose weight, be "super creative," "negotiate like Donald Trump" and even have better sex - but we would just settle for a good night's sleep.

Check which of these chronotypes matches your routine, then take the quiz on the next page.


Breus says this sleep animal, which is the most common, needs a full 8 hours of rest every night to be most productive.

Bears should wake up around 7, and divide their day between hard work and rest breaks - including meditation. Work out early and get tough jobs done before noon, then have a nap and plan tomorrow out before you go to bed around 11.


Wolves are definitely not morning people. Breus recommends they wake up sometime after 7 - the latest of all the animal types - and warns them to set a few alarms.

Eat breakfast a little early so you have the strength for a morning workout, but leave the your hard work for the afternoon, when you're most creative. Eat a late dinner and do something energizing before bed, otherwise you'll be tossing and turning.

Click the next page to take the quiz, and to read about the other 2 chronotypes!

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