Dad Says Son's Feet "Melted" After Playing At A Splash Pad

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We all know the importance of wearing shoes outside, especially in hot weather, but when you're playing around in water, there's not much to be worried about, right?

You couldn't be more wrong.

In fact, that's the time when doctors report the most heat burn injuries.

Record-High Temperatures

In June, a Virginia man cautioned beachgoers about the dangers of walking barefoot on hot concrete, even if it's just for a few seconds.

Joe Maffia said it took less than 10 seconds for his summer nightmare to begin.

"I’ve never felt anything that hot," he told local new reporters, after he was admitted to hospital for second-degree burns.

There wasn't a sign on the beach giving a heads up to folk, but many people believe there should have been.

But it's not only these pavements that people should be cautious on when it's hot and the sun is shining. Even in the areas where you think you should be safe, there's a good chance you could be inured.

One father had to learn the hard way after his one-year-old son started crying in agony.

A Step In The Wrong Direction

Facebook/Andrew Sechrist

The Seattle father-of-four took his kids to a local park, which had a splash pad, to watch them enjoy the summer.

"Everything was going well for about 15 minutes," Andrew Sechrist told CafeMom. That was until his boy, Jackson, started to scream.

"I saw Jackson off to the side, about five feet from a water toy. I ran over, thinking he had fallen, to console him. I picked him up and took him to a different section of the water area, but he was still inconsolable."

While drying his son off, Andrew noticed something wrong with Jackson's feet.

"I could feel the heat coming off of them. I looked down and noticed that the skin had basically melted on the bottoms of both of his feet."

It wasn't the concrete that burned the young boy's foot, it turned out to be a metal electrical grate, which was close to the splash pad.


When Q13 Fox tested the temperature of the grate, they were shocked to learn that at the same time of day the metal reaches to about 130 degrees Fahrenheit.

"Just putting my hand on here like that, I can’t keep it here for half a second, and my 1-1/2-year-old son walked across [it]," Andrew said.

Jackson was transferred to the burn unit after developing second-degree burns, which required his feet to be bandaged.

"All in all, it was an extremely difficult 24 hours for a 17-month-old kid," his father recalled.

"My whole purpose of sharing this story is to get the word out to other parents so that this doesn’t happen to anyone else."

Share Andrew's message to raise awareness about the dangers of walking barefoot! You never know what you or your child can step on in this hot weather.

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