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Can You Figure Out Who Is Going To Make Meghan Markle's Wedding Dress?

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We are officially only four months away from the next royal wedding, and there is so much to prepare for the big day! We can only imagine that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be busy enough picking and choosing what they want included when they finally walk down the aisle together.

While we know that Meghan plans on having her mother walk her to the altar (as opposed to her estranged father) one secret that is being kept well under wraps is what she plans to wear on the walk towards her future-husband.

It has been suggested that this may be one of the hardest decisions that Meghan will have to make, and may take the longest to assemble.

Christine Ross, a blogger who dedicates her time to analyzing the bride-to-be's fashion choices, says there is likely a lengthy interview process.

"I imagine Meghan has reached out to designers she loves and admires and has spoken with them about design options and their design process," she says. "From there, she would choose a designer who she clicks with to create the perfect bespoke gown."

But who is on the list of potential candidates?

Ross believes that Meghan will call on her best friend, fashion stylist Jessica Mulroney, for advice on brands and designers to work with.

Jessica was one of the first people that Meghan told about her first date with Prince Harry, and has proven that she could keep a secret!

Some of the anticipated choices include Emilia Wickstead, a London-based bridal designer who previously styled Lady Charlotte Wellesley's dress and is well-known for her stunning creations.

Another top contender is Erdem Moralioglu, a Canadian designer whose outfits have already appeared on the royal family, and is likely looking to offer his capabilities as a bespoke stylist to a royal wedding.

As a curve ball, some are looking at unconventional British designer, Stella McCartney. Her modern looks are backed up with strong feminist values, and when asked if she would be interested in designing the royal wedding dress McCartney said she would be honored!

Who would you like to see design Meghan's wedding dress?