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Figure Skating Pair Thrill Crowd With A Rare But Spectacular Dance


Let's get this out of the way: I can't skate. Growing up, my parents weren't into winter sports, so my time on the ice was limited to school field trips and the occasional ice rink in my neighborhood.

I recently went to the ice rink with a group of friends and I promptly fell on my bum several times. Luckily they were patient enough with my lack of skill, but I think I'll postpone my next skating adventure.

However, that doesn't mean I don't appreciate a good figure skating routine. During the Winter Olympics, I was in awe over the world's most talented figure skaters and ice dancers. Their routines were impeccable and I truly thought they all deserved gold.  

But the Olympics aren't the only time we're wowed by brilliant skaters.

Scottish ice skaters John and Sinead Kerr are a brother-sister duo who have participated in both the 2006 and 2010 Winter Olympics. They're also are two-time European bronze medalists and the 2004"“2010 British national champions.

While they retired in 2011, videos of their spectacular performances still live on in videos that are available for us to still watch today.

This includes a rare routine many skaters choose to avoid. Known for their freestyle dancing, they hired a professional choreographer to help them craft their most awe-worthy routine.

The duo performed their unique routine at the 2008 World Figure Skating Championships in Gothenburg, Sweden and dressed in traditional Scottish garb. While they had risky tricks in their Scottish routine, they persevered, never missing a beat.

At one point Sinead is flipped upside down as her brother skates along the rink. There are plenty of hops involved, and the crowd rightfully went nuts.

Watch the video for yourself and be inspired by their skilled performance:

What was the most impressive figure skating routine you've ever seen?

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