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Man Takes His Favorite Meal With Him To Heaven

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Richard had become a regular customer at the famous Philly cheesesteak joint, Pat's Kings of Steaks. The restaurant was reportedly the first place to popularize the regional dish, and the Lussi family had known no other establishment.

Richard would often have his family pick up sandwiches for him if they were driving anywhere even remotely by Philadelphia, as he lived two hours outside of town.

When they went to order, they remembered one last piece of advice that the Lussi patriarch had given them.

"If you're going to Pat's you always get two, you never order just one."

The owner of the restaurant, Frank Olivieri Jr., was honored by the last request from his old friend, and even had a theory about why Richard would want two sandwiches even at the end. "Maybe it's a bribe for Saint Peter," he said.

Is there any food you would want to take with you once you're gone? Let us know what it is in the comments!

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