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Find Out Which Popular Brands Are Still Testing On Animals

You'd think that by 2017 companies would know better than to test on animals. The sad reality is that there are plenty of well-known brands that to this day continue to experiment their products on animals.

A majority of the brands do so because they want to sell in countries like China whose law requires animal testing.

The FAQ pages of most of these brands claim that such testing only occurs when "required by law" but let's be honest, no one is really forcing them to.

You'll notice that there are plenty of popular drugstore and high-end beauty brands that aren't cruelty-free. We've rounded up a list of these brands which you can refer to before you make a purchase.


Here are some well-known beauty brands that are currently not cruelty-free:


Bobbi Brown


Estée Lauder


M.A.C. Cosmetics

Mary Kay


In case you're curious about other companies that still follow such practices, PETA has an up-to-date and extensive list which you can read on their website or download.

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