How Fast Can You Find The Doll Hidden Among The Christmas Toys?

Channel Mum

Brainteasers are a fantastic way to challenge your mind and improve your observational skills while keeping entertained. They're basically exercise for your brain.

Online motherhood community Channel Mum has designed a brain-teasing puzzle that will not only give your brain a workout, but will also get you into the festive mood as Christmas approaches.

The challenge is to find the single doll that is hidden among a sea of colorful toys including rubber duckies, alphabet blocks, cars, teddy bears, rocket ships, dinosaurs, and rocking horses.

It definitely takes an eager eye to solve it, but it's not impossible.

Have you spotted it yet?

"At first glance, it looks like every mum's nightmare"”the scene of living room chaos following the opening of the Christmas presents," Siobhan Freegard, spokeswoman for Channel Mum, told The Sun. "It's very tricky, but it shouldn't take longer than your average wrapping paper clean-up."

If you're still having difficulties finding the doll, we don't blame you. This puzzle is a real head-scratcher because not only does the doll blend in with everything else around it, only half of its body is actually visible. The other half is buried under the toys.

Here's a hint: The doll has red hair and is located on the bottom left-hand corner of the image.

Still stumped? Check out the photo below to see exactly where the sneaky doll has been hiding the entire time.

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[H/T: Chanel Mum/The Sun]

Did you find the doll without help? How long did it take you?

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