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Everyone Loves A Proposal, Apparently Even Famous Hippos

If we're honest about it, we all want our proposal to be perfect. The right weather, the right place, the right words, and the right partner to share it with. Sometimes however, life throws us an unexpected blessing that no one can predict.

When Nick Kelble and Hayley Roll arrived at the Cincinnati Zoo, Hayley thought it was just going to be a romantic way to spend their one year anniversary. Nick had other plans, but so did an inconspicuous bystander!

The couple had been together for a year and shared many memories, and the soon-to-be-groom knew that Hayley wanted her special day to include her favorite animal.

Merry Litmas 🎄✨

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They made their way towards the Africa Section of the exhibit, and after an exchange of what must have been tender (and nervous!) words, Nick got down on one knee and asked the most important question of his life.

But he wasn't the only one waiting for an answer!

There is always a tension in the air when you watch a proposal take place, no matter who you are. As it turns out, the animal kingdom can't look away either!

Fiona the Hippo, a Cincinnati celebrity of epic proportions, wanted to see what all the hubbub was about. When Nick dropped down to his knee and took out the ring, she pressed herself up against the glass and starred in what will probably go down as the best photobomb of 2017!

Fiona rose to fame after she became the first Nile hippopotamus to be born in captivity six weeks premature. The world watched as she was nursed back to health and has become the beautiful, bodacious baby we can't look away from!

Since her birth she has had two books written about her, a ton of media attention, and even has her own ice cream!

Would you be upset if an animal photobombed your proposal picture?