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Fire Up Your Ovens: The Pillsbury Bake-Off Is Back

If you've always wanted to put your baking skills to the test, we have good news.

After going on hiatus for 2 years, one of America's biggest baking contests is starting up again, and the competition looks like it will be fiercer than ever before.

Since the first Pillsbury Bake-Off was held in 1949, bakers from across the country have sent in their recipes and competed in the final round bake-off to prove that their creation deserves the cash prize.

Eleanor Roosevelt at the first bake-off in 1949.Pillsbury

The format has changed a lot over years, but the main idea of a baking competition focused on Pillsbury products has stayed constant. This year Pillsbury will be partnering with the Food Network, so you could come face to face with some celebrity chefs if you make it to the finals.

Kurt Wait made history in 1996 when he became the first man to win the bake-off.MNOpedia

More details are coming in September, but the contest's web page says they're looking for "the best made-at-home recipes, and the heartfelt, funny, crazy, family stories behind them!”

What kind of recipes have won in the past? A lot of your holiday favorites, it turns out.

The first ever Pillsbury Bake-Off winner was the No-Knead Water Rising Twists recipe.

Back in 1949, baking these delicious breadsticks involved dunking the dough in a tea towel and soaking it in hot water. Today, bakers can make do by beating in warm ingredients and letting the dough sit in plastic wrap until it rises.

Peanut Butter Blossom cookies are another classic bake-off winner. Originally made from scratch, today you can simply buy a roll of peanut butter dough and bake a batch in just minutes. Since they were a finalist in 1957, they've become a holiday classic for many families.

Last but not least, the 1966 Tunnel of Fudge Cake changed American kitchens forever. Before it debuted the bundt cake pan wasn't a "must-have" in every kitchen, but it sure is today.

Maybe your family's recipe will win this year's contest! Be sure to check the bake-off website in October when the rules are posted.

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