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A Missing Firefighter Was Found 3,000 Miles Away With No Idea How He Got There

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Constantinos ‘‘Danny’’ Filippidis was reported missing on February 7, in New York.

Danny, who is a firefighter, went on his annual skiing trip to Whiteface Mountain, New York, with his colleagues. He went missing after he told friends he wanted to go on one last run at the end of the day. A full search for the 49-year-old man began.

The search involved around 140 people each day, and a helicopter. They searched the mountain thinking he got stuck or was injured somewhere. They had volunteers combing through the snow of the mountain with their hands searching for Danny.

Six days after the search began, it was called off when Danny was found.

Danny called his wife from Sacramento, California, sounding very confused. His wife quickly realized it was him on the phone and told him to call 911.

Police found him at a car rental lot in Sacramento. He was reportedly confused and unable to give clear answers. Police asked him how he ended up in California, but he didn't have an answer for them. He was wearing the same ski clothes he was last seen in.

He told the police that he remembered very little about how he got there. He said he thought he suffered a head injury. He remembered being in a "big rig-style truck," he also remembered sleeping a lot, but that's about all.

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