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Firefighters Heard This Coming From Their Truck. They Looked In The Engine And Immediately Came To The Rescue

Firefighters are so often seen as big-time heroes, and rightly so. Burning buildings, dangerous car accidents, mass traumas, firefighters are always there to save the day.

But we often forget about the smaller things they do as well.

These firefighters at the Indianapolis Fire Department were near their truck when they heard unusual noises coming from inside. It wasn't a mechanical problem, or someone in the truck...but there was definitely something making noise.

After investigating a little further, the firefighters discovered the source of the noise and immediately rushed into action!

Love Meow

"Newborn Kittens discovered in hosebed of Engine 35… Crew investigated after hearing noises. Believes mom may have given birth in the engine," Indianapolis Fire Department said.

Love Meow

Two boys and one girl  were found curled up in the engine, and they weren't even old enough to open their eyes. The kittens needed care right away, especially with no mama around, so the department took them to Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Care to be evaluated.

The vets and firefighters teamed up to feed and wash the baby kittens, which resulted in endless amounts of cute.

Love Meow
Love Meow

"We were so happy that we were able to help out with these sweet little kittens... The kittens are doing well.. (and) are nursing from a surrogate which is wonderful," Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Care said. "The mama cat is being looked for as well as any other possible kittens... One of the firefighters even stopped by this morning to check in on the kittens."

The kittens are all taking in some well needed sleep and TLC, and will be put up for adoption once they're old enough.

Posted by Indianapolis Fire Department on Tuesday, April 18, 2017