Firefighters Losing Their Own Homes As They Battle Wildfires To Protect Others

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Firefighters Losing Their Own Homes As They Battle Wildfires To Protect Others

The wildfires in Northern California have been ravaging the region. There are currently 22 fires burning in the state, with eight rampaging in the North Bay area alone.

Firefighters and other first responders have been running themselves ragged trying to battle the blazes that are threatening the homes and lives of tens-of-thousands of people.

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Fire doesn't discriminate, it just burns with reckless abandon. There have been mass evacuations throughout the region, and at least 31 confirmed deaths as of Friday morning. Firefighters and other emergency personnel have been doing everything they can in an attempt to corral the blazes, but resources are stretched thin as it is.

Sacrifices have had to be made in order to try and keep the situation under some form of control, especially by the firefighters themselves.

As of October 11, it has been confirmed that at least 40 firefighters have lost their own homes to the blaze as the work to save others from the same fate.

All resources have been stretched extremely thin due to the disaster, but realistically they are doing all they can, we cannot ask more of them. Marin Professional Firefighters are asking for the public's help through donations. All the money raised will be distributed evenly among the firefighters who have lost their homes while fighting to protect others.

The devastation being seen by the region is unprecedented, and it is showing no signs of slowing down. Please help these people out in anyway you can, they are putting their lives on the line to protect the lives and homes of complete strangers.

Becoming a firefighter is not a job, it is a calling.