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Man Hear A Tiny Meow Coming From His Engine, But Luckily He Knew Where To Get Some Help

Kittens are known for getting themselves into some tricky situations. They like to climb and hide, but they don't like to climb down and stop hiding.

Too often, kittens find themselves in dire situations and in need of some help. Adrienne Koroly encountered a kitten in need, but he couln't do anything to help.

Koroly parked his Lexus at his parents' house in California and when he stepped out of the car, he heard a faint meowing. It took some investigating, but he eventually realized the meows were coming from under the hood of his car. Koroly and his parents worked for three days to try and get the kitten to come out, using milk and food as bait.  When the tiny creature didn't move, Koroly drove (in a different car) to the fire station and asked for some help.

Firefighters came to the rescue, having to dissemble some parts of Koroly's car. After about an hour, the kitten was found.

So where was the little guy hiding?

Firefighters used airbags to lift up the car so they could crawl under it and find where the kitten was hiding. They found a tiny gray and white kitten, covered in grease, stuck under the engine compartment.


Firefighters dubbed the kitten "Lexus," and he was promptly adopted by one of Koroly's neighbors, after getting a clean bill of health of course!

“I think they should have named it ‘Lucky,’” said San Miguel Fire District spokesman, Steve Moran with a laugh.

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