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First Class Passenger See's A Soldier Walking By Him, Won't Let Her Take Another Step


Flying coach can be more than a drag; it can honestly be a miserable experience for the travelers in the back of the plane. As soon as anyone gets on the plane, the first thing they do when they find their seat is look over at the person or persons if they, unfortunately, are in the middle, that they have to sit next to for the duration of the flight, not including any delays, landing, and takeoff. It's a frustrating experience that people all know too well, and it feels that time is more like a standstill.

Passing the first class, sensing their eyes full of pity and a little pride since they get a roomier seat and more drinks through the flight, anyone can feel the first class passengers looks. The only real and actual benefit of flying coach is the price difference. There are some instances where the first class may be open for an upgrade to certain frequent flyer mile members or in this instance, servicemen and women. Of course, if they do not pay, then they do not receive.

Jessica Titus was a recent passenger on a flight and took particular notice of a man in first-class approach a military service woman while she was walking through that section.

Apparently, through his body language and the looks he gave her, he was giving off an attitude and disdain for the servicewoman. The gentleman stopped her with his body by standing in her way to the back of the plane, sending a specific method and message to the servicewoman who at this point was already ready for any defense she may need to give the man. He had a different motive than one of power and threats. Looks can be deceiving, and the man completely shocked the servicewoman and offered his seat and said that she deserved to be in first class. She was doing her job by serving the United States with her life and wanted to show his gratitude to her. He wanted the flight staff and the rest of the passengers to treat her with honor and class that no one else seemed they were going to give. The first class gentleman stood up in front of the whole plane to show that she deserves the first class seat more than him and anyone else on the plane.

From there, the gentleman went to coach and took her uncomfortable and unfortunate position to be in the middle seat. Jessica Titus posted the story throughout social media for others to take note of the good deeds that happen on a day to day basis that sometimes we oversee. Jessica Titus attempted to send a note and some money so that the gentleman could at least have a snack or a drink, but the man kindly declined. He did not do it for attention, fame or glory, he did it so there could be a little bit better in the world and showing kindness to a stranger in military fatigues is the first step towards that.

"On my flight Tuesday, I walked down the jetway behind a woman in uniform (Army). A man stood up from his 1st class seat...

Posted by Love What Matters on Sunday, April 9, 2017

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