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He Wanted His Son With Down Syndrome To Have A Hero, So He Made Him One - And The Internet Loves It

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Many superheroes start out as underdogs who go through adversity and transform into confident, powerful individuals that save the world.

What we love most about these stories is that we can put ourselves in these superheroes shoes. They're just regular people like us who, with a stroke of fantastical luck, obtain supernatural abilities.

The father of a boy with Down Syndrome wanted his son to have someone similar to look up to when he grew older.

“When we found out about my son, I was looking for comics that had prominent characters with Down syndrome, and at the time there was zero, I couldn’t find anything at all,” comic book enthusiast Chip Reece told PEOPLE. “I wanted him to see a character with Down syndrome that didn’t let that restrict him, that he could still be whatever he wanted to be despite what other people might think were his limitations.”

Seven-year-old Ollie went through multiple surgeries after his birth, which greatly worried his family

“There were times we weren’t sure he was going to make it,” Reece remembered. “We were told not to have any real high hopes of him surviving.”

And so he made an epic tale that went farther than he thought it would.

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