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His Boat Capsized With His Dog Inside, But Then The Coast Guard Found Something Miraculous


Most men are taught to contain their emotions. Whether it is hiding their tears of sadness or wriggling with gleeful delight, many men believe that stoicism is better than becoming to emotional.

However, this fisherman isn't afraid to express his utter joy at being reunited with his best friend after believing he had lost him forever...

Alfonse Attard, a 75-year-old sailor, went fishing one morning with his first-mate Jack. The little jack russell terrier was his best friend and constant companion.

Though the skies were clear, disaster struck the steadfast friends. Somewhere about half a mile from the shore of Altona Beach, in Victoria, Australia, their boat started to leak and quickly filled with water.

Within minutes, the boat had capsized and was under water.

The weathered sailor was in shock, but he clung to the capsized boat until help could arrive. Luckily, to other fishermen spotted him and brought Alfonse back to shore.

Alfonse realized that his beloved dog was missing and, with a broken heart, assumed that the 18-year-old dog had drowned.

Water police and volunteers dedicated 2 hours to pulling the wreckage to shore. A major surprise was in store for Alfonse when rescuers emerged from the nose of the vessel...


MAN'S BEST FRIEND Two best mates have been reunited after their boat capsized off Victoria. The fisherman thought he'd lost his dog Jack, but when water police towed the boat back to shore; the dog was found alive and well on the stricken vessel. #9News

Posted by 9 News Perth on Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Alfonse literally jumps for joy when he spots his best friend in the arms of a rescuer as the two emerge from the hull of the ship.

The lucky little dog managed to survive in an air pocket for two hours while the ship was being towed into shore. Although they're not exactly sure, they suspect that the little guy doggie paddled for his life until help could arrive.

We're so happy to these best buddies reunited again!

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