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$5 Footlongs Are Finally Back At Subway, But There's A Catch

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When Stuart Frankel from Miami, Florida came up with a new idea to draw customers to his Subway restaurant, he had no idea what he was about to do for thrifty fast food lovers.

Frankel's idea to lower the price of his store's footlong subs to a round $5 was a hit with locals, and eventually spread to Subway chains across the country. But of course, it was too good to last, and by 2014 Subway had already raised the price of its footlongs back to $6.

Then, the sandwich prices crept up to $7 earlier this year.

Those changes coincided with a 25% drop in customer traffic, which left Subway worried as McDonald's and Taco Bell are revamping their value menus. Plus, other sandwich chains which launched their own value menus have been faring better than Subway.

NY Post

To make it up to their customers, the chain announced that they're bringing back the $5 footlongs promotion for a limited run, starting in January 2018. But before you start celebrating, not everyone is so happy about the deal.

And the backlash is so serious it could make it difficult to get the deal at a Subway near you.

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