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A Starving Kitten Was Discovered At A Fire Station, And He Completely Stole Their Hearts (And Ours)

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You would usually think of black and white dalmatians as the typical fire station mascot, but with strange circumstances comes special opportunities.

It all began one day in Portland, Oregon, at the the Belmont Fire House, when a malnourished and weak-looking kitten strayed into the station. He barely had enough energy to move, but he was visibly scared of the staff at first.

The firefighters gave him some fried chicken and care, and eventually the white and orange visitor decided it was safe to look around.

Fire Chief Segars noticed the animal walking around after a few days and asked his men where it had come from.

"I came in one day and I saw the guys playing with this kitten,” said the Chief, "So I asked the guys, ‘Why is the cat here?’ And they told me, ‘He lives here now.' ”

Normally cats and dogs pass through the station for a few days at most, but everyone could tell this cat was different.

That's when 'Flame' made it clear he had no plans on leaving.

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