Fleetwood Mac and Jimmy Fallon Deliver Classroom Instruments Cover Of "Don't Stop"


One of the most entertaining parts of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon is Classroom Instruments. The late-night host and The Roots team up with the musical guest of the night for a fun jam session using items from a classroom as musical instruments.

Since its addition to the show, the segment has featured some really big names including Mariah Carey, Adele, Idina Menzel and Metallica, all of whom delivered some hard to top performances.

On Monday night's show, Fallon finally invited actual kids from Paul Newman's SeriousFun camp into the room for a very special singalong with the legendary Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie of Fleetwood Mac.

Unfortunately, the iconic Stevie Nicks missed all the fun but that's likely because Buckingham and McVie are on a press tour to promote their new collaborative effort,  Lindsey Buckingham/Christine McVie, a self-titled album.

"We thought we'd go into the studio to reacquaint myself to playing in a rock band and getting the chemistry and the vibe," McVie told EW. "We thought we'd lay down a couple of tracks; that's all we meant to do. And then Lindsey had some [songs]. And we just started having a good time."

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Even with all of their new releases, the pop-rock duo brought on the good vibes during the Classroom Instruments appearance by performing an oldie but a goodie tune. Buckingham chose the ukulele while McVie played the mini toy piano for an infectious rendition of Don't Stop from the band's timeless album, Rumours, and all was well in the world in those three minutes.

The performance is a much needed break from all the negativity that's been going on in the world. Check it out:

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