For 70 Years A Mystery Person Had Left Flowers At Her Brother's Grave, Now She Finally Knows Who

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There's nothing we could hope for more than people remembering us after we've passed on.

We visit the grave of our friends and family to pay respects and remember things from when they were alive.

When Ann Kear noticed flowers and poems left at her brother's grave site, she was eager to learn who cared about her brother so deeply.

However, it wasn't just once or twice that these flowers and notes were placed on his grave, this kind gesture went on for nearly 70 years!

Then one day she solved the mystery...

Ann Kear's 12-year-old brother, Karl Sharp, died in 1947 on a boy scouts trip, and approximately 6 years later, she started finding flowers and notes left by an anonymous person.

"Karl Smith was only 12 when he died."The Telegraph UK

84-year-old Ronald Seymour-Westborough has been visiting Karl's grave since he was 18-years-old.

Ronald and Karl were on the same boy scouts trip and shared the same tent on the night that the 12-year-old boy died.

Ann Kear and Ronald Seymour-Westborough.BBC

Ronald said Karl was his closest friend and was devastated to find him face down in the sea.

He had no idea that Karl had a sister, and that Ann had been looking for him.

77-year-old Ann Kear had been searching for the man who left flowers and poems at her brother's grave for decades. The Telegraph UK

A BBC Stories investigation made it possible to track down where Ronald lives. The BBC also made a program called "The Stranger at my Brother's Grave," which tells the story behind the discovery.

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[Source: The Telegraph UK]

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