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Football Player Lost his Son Before The Game, And Honored Him In A Breathtaking Way

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San Francisco was celebrating Sunday afternoon when they clawed back a win against the New York Giants, but it was bittersweet for the player who ran in an impressive touchdown that led to the victory.

Marquise Goodwin is a wide receiver for the 49ers and as a former Olympian, he understands the trials that people must work through to meet their goals. However, this Sunday he was faced with an unimaginable tragedy that would shake anyone to their core.

In the early morning before the game, Goodwin and his wife, Morgan, lost their baby boy due to complications following a premature birth.

Despite the horrendous pain that Goodwin and his family were experiencing, he knew he had to show up to work that day and give his all. And he managed to go above and beyond the call of duty.

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