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Deadly Airbag Recall Expands To Almost 1 Million Ford Vehicles

Mario Roberto DurĂ¡n Ortiz / alexauto321 - Wikimedia

The ongoing recall of vehicles using Takata airbags was already a major event. This week, it's expanding to include nearly a million more vehicles made by Ford.

Of those numbers, around 780,000 affected vehicles are in the United States, making this one of the largest recalls by an automaker in American history. A further 149,000 vehicles in Canada were affected.

Recalled models include the 2010 Ford Edge, the 2010-11 Ford Ranger, the 2010-12 Ford Fusion, and the 2010-14 Ford Mustang are included. So are the 2010 Lincoln MKX, the 2010-12 Lincoln MKZ, and the 2010-11 Mercury Milan.

Ford airbag recall
Ford has issued four separate recalls related to Takata airbags.Max Pixel

Some of the recalls on these models are limited by geographic area, so check your model against this complete list to see if it's affected, and learn more about the recall on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's website.

The cause of this worldwide recall are Takata passenger airbags, which have injured at least 23 people with explosions and shrapnel.

While airbags are designed to explode and inflate on impact, the Takata bags are exploding with too much force, damaging a metal canister inside the bag and creating dangerous shrapnel.

Hundreds of millions of Takata airbags are believed to share the same defect, and around 37 million vehicles equipped with them - made by a number of automakers including Honda, Acura, Ford, and Fiat Chrysler - have already been recalled worldwide.

Takata airbag recall
Takata airbags are degrading and exploding with sometimes deadly force.alexauto321 - Wikipedia

Ford says it's not aware of any injuries from vehicles included in this most recent recall.

But the automaker is recommending vehicle owners get to dealers as soon as possible for their replacement airbag, which is free.

On the same day, Ford announced an unrelated recall involving 2019 Ford Ecosport vehicles, because improperly welded front seats may come loose.

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Double check your vehicle, in case it's one of the millions being recalled!

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