Former Cop Strips Off Her Badge For Racy New Job Opportunity

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This mother-of-three turned in her law enforcement badge and cuffs and was able to double her salary by just working 12 nights each month.

35-year-old Hannah Havers quit her career at the Thames Valley Police to become a lap dancer at the Honey Pot club in Maidenhead, Berkshire.

Now bringing in close to $6,500 per month she is able to spend more time with her husband Michael and 3 children, 11-year-old Christian, 4-year-old Harley and 2-year-old Madison.


"Being a police officer is very stressful and it was really damaging our marriage. Now my life is much better. I've got lots of regular clients and I really enjoy my work," Hannah said. "I'm making more in two weeks than I would in a whole month at the police," she said. "I work two or three nights a week and it totally fits around my family unit. I'm a primary carer for the kids and I'm here for them every day."


"I get days off with my husband too. Every Friday we get a day together because he is off and the kids are in nursery," she said. "Before we just never all got to see each other. We were coming home from work totally shattered."

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"But more than 12 years down the line, with three kids and my husband also in the police, we eventually decided we needed a change," she said. "We wanted more family time. We felt like single parents most the time, and we were living to work, not working to live. We didn't have a good quality of life."

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