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Anxious Rescue Dog Could Barely See, But Her Attitude Changed When They Found A Way To Save Her Eyes

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Gremlin the pit bull hasn't lived a very easy life. She was raised from birth to be a fighting dog, before she was rescued, but that wasn't the end of her troubles. Gremlin has had a string of medical problems, including cancer, a blood disease, and even irritable bowl syndrome. Throughout them all, her adoptive owners Chris and Mariesa Hughes have done everything they can to make Gremlin comfortable.

Chis and Mariesa are famous for going the extra mile to help their pets. They run a nonprofit that helps keep senior dogs out of shelters, and they ordered a giant custom bed to fit their 9 rescue dogs.

So when Gremlin started losing her eyesight, they wanted to do something to help her.

Gremlin started slowly losing her eyesight with age, then cataracts and a surgery made her vision much worse. The Hugheses say that Gremlin could spot a squirrel across the street, but she would bump into walls and other dogs.

This caused a change in Gremlin's behavior. Chris and Mariesa noticed she was withdrawing and anxious all the time.

"They are our family and we have made a promise to them to give them the best life we can," Mariesa said, so they had to help her somehow.

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