Former New England Patriot Star Found Dead

This morning the nation awoke to the news of the death of a former New England Patriots star.

Aaron Hernandez, who was serving a life sentence at the Souza Baranowski Correctional Center in Massachusetts, was found dead in his cell of apparent suicide at 3:05am according to TMZ.

"Mr. Hernandez hangs himself utilizing a bed sheet that he attached to his cell window," a rep for the Massachusetts Department of Corrections said in a statement. "Mr. Hernandez also attempted to block his door from the inside by jamming the door with various items."

The prison officials said he was transported to a hospital in an attempt to save his life but it was too late. He was pronounced him dead shortly after at 4:07 AM.

The 27-year-old former football player had a promising career when he played for the Patriots as the 15th pick in the 4th round of the 2010 NFL Draft but it all came to an end after he was convicted with the first-degree murder of Odin Lloyd in 2013.

Hernandez had a history of violence prior to being charged with Lloyd's murder. He was a major suspect in the double homicide of Daniel de Abreu and Safiro Furtado, a 2013 Miami shooting and the 2007 Gainesville double shooting. He was later acquitted of the double murder charges.

Since the story is still developing, more information is expected to be released as new details emerge.

Hernandez is survived by his mother Terri Valentine-Hernandez and his 4-year-old daughter Avielle Janelle Jenkins-Hernandez.

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