Former X-Factor Star Mom-Shamed For Bathtime Photo

Another day, another case of the parent police calling out a mom for a seemingly innocent act involving her children.

This time people are coming after British television personality and former X-factor contestant Stacey Solomon for a photo she shared on Instagram.

Like many celebrities, Stacey has always documented those special moments in her life, like her sons' first day of school and their family holidays.

Back in March, the single mother of two boys uploaded a photo of her and her sons sharing the tub during bath time and people had a lot to say about it. Many claiming that what she did was "wrong."

Continue reading to see the picture and be your own judge.

The 27-year-old mom didn't think an innocent photo of her bonding over bath time with 9-year-old Zachary and 5-year-old Leighton would spark so much controversy and mommy-shaming.

In fact, the mom is shocked that people are reading too much into it and sexualizing the situation.

I’m not horrified at all,” said Stacey on the British talk show Loose Women. “Anyone who’s horrified at the thought of parents sharing a bath with their children I think has issues. It’s each to their own.”

Many users expressed that Stacey is "wrong on so many levels" because she needs to "teach children boundaries and privacy." Some went as far as calling her actions "a little irresponsible as a parent."

One user is convinced that the actions of the celebrity mom would land her in jail if she lived in some parts of the U.S.

"If you were here in the State of Michigan, you would go to jail for this and lose your kids. Those boys are too old to be taking a bath with you, especially the oldest one as he's entering that age where boys are naturally shy about their bodies. I heard your comment about those who object to this behavior as being sick in the head, but Lady, the only one sick here is you, as this kind of behavior leads to incest. Plus the fact that you will scar your sons for life by this behavior. My advice-bath with your husband, if you have one or by yourself, but leave the children out of it," wrote @drayhoffmann.

However, among all the negative comments there were plenty of users expressing their support for Stacey.  

"Just wonderful...It isn't wrong to have bath with your kids. Enjoy your kids and have good time. Soon you will see they are adults and all this is gone," commented @emppu.111. Another agreed: "I think this is great. A mom bonding with her two sons. Doesn't get any better![sic]"

During her appearance on Loose Women, Stacey spoke out about the photo for the first time in public and although 92% of the audience didn't agree with her, she still stood by her actions.

"I posted that because it's a normal thing in our house," she explained. "It's almost like having dinner and going to bed and reading bedtime stories. Having a bath together is how we communicate and socialize, and that's a massive part of our daily routine."

She told the panel and audience that even her boyfriend joins them sometimes.

“He’d wear his pants or boxers or whatever,” she shared. “But it’s my family time.”

She also had a message for the mommy-shamers: "I understand if you don't want to have a bath with your children and you don't like it, but I think it's sad to sit there and judge people and say that's wrong or disgusting."

Do you think there should be a cut-off age for parents to stop bathing with their children?

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