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Formerly Conjoined Twins Are Thriving at Home After Risky Surgery to Separate Them

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Their surgery caught the attention and heart of the world, as a set of conjoined twins underwent a life-threatening operation to be separated.

On December 6 in Palo Alto, California the girls were operated on to untangle their digestive system, uterus, a liver, a bladder, a pelvis and a third leg.

Now, 7 months after their surgery the girls are flourishing.

"The whole conjoined thing is like a distant memory," their mother Aida told the Sacramento Bee. "I know they were at one time, but this is just our life now."

The path to surgery started years before when the girls would suffer countless infections causing Erika to become dangerously weak. After being hospitalized with dozens of urinary tract infections and countless cases of dehydration it became clear to their parents that they needed to separate the girls.

Before the separation, the twins' anatomy was like that of two people above the chest and gradually merged into one before the diaphragm. They had a total of 3 legs, one which was believed never to be functional. Tissue from the third leg was used as part of Erika's reconstructive surgery, so each girl now has one leg.

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