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Fox Host: My Bosses Said My Endometriosis Made Me "Less Desirable"

Last year, Fox News reporter Diana Falzone got the terrible news that she has endometriosis. The condition, which affects 1 in 10 women in the United States, causes the uterine lining to grow outside the uterus.

It's painful, embarrassing and in some cases life-threatening, but for many women the worst part about the diagnosis is how it dramatically lowers your chances of having a child.

Falzone called her diagnosis the worst news of her life, and said she couldn't stop crying once her doctor told her, but there was even worse news on the way from her TV network.

In a lawsuit filed this week, Falzone claims that executives at Fox News discriminated against her because of her endometriosis.

The suit claims that after Falzone wrote publicly about her diagnosis, executives decided it "detracted from her sex appeal and made her less desirable."

Falzone says that she was taken off the air after revealing her condition.

Her lawsuit comes after a string of other controversies, including Bill O'Reilly's very public dismissal.

While Falzone is hoping to get some justice from her lawsuit, a verdict in her favor won't make up for all the pain she's suffered because of her condition.

"I will likely never have a child and fulfill my greatest wish of being a mother," she wrote.

“Not only was it very unlikely I'd ever conceive, my health was in jeopardy," so the last thing she needed was for her bosses to mistreat her as well!

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