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Fran Drescher Finally Opens Up About Her 2-Year Cancer Battle

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Drescher says she had an immediate hysterectomy after being properly diagnosed, and hasn't needed any cancer treatments since then.

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Since her last TV project, Happily Divorced, went off the air in 2013, Drescher has taken some small parts on Broadway. But mainly, she's devoted herself to raising awareness about cancer, and encouraging women to get tested early and often.

"If it were today," she says about her disease, "I would make sure I understood what the test would determine and whether we should do the test and eliminate the more potentially life-threatening concerns before treating me for the more benign disease that was not life-threatening.“

Cancer Schmancer

Drescher runs her own website called Cancer Schmancer, which promotes early checkups and offers health advice to women. Her hope is that other "zebras" like her won't fall through the cracks. if they know what to expect during treatment.

In the meantime, Drescher knows her fans are dying for a reboot of The Nanny, and says she's "open" to the idea. She even says that she still keeps in touch with the main cast. But if nobody is interested in rebooting the show, Drescher has her own project in the works instead.


"You will never be the same [after trauma]. But whatever that is, forge forward with that and turn your pain into purpose which is what I always do," she says.

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